Scribbletune is a Node.js module that helps you construct musical ideas with JavaScript String & Array functions and export them as MIDI files. You can also use Scribbletune in the browser and in Ableton Live via Max for Live!

It is created with jsmidgen for exporting MIDI files, tone.js for the webaudio API, tonal as a dev dependency for music theory (chords and scales), Ableton’s LiveAPI via Max for Live by Cycling74 and a homegrown pattern language that helps you quickly put together musical ideas. It also consists of an API to help you put together a browser based music production application.

Scribbletune is a free and open source project created & maintained by Walmik Deshpande. It is currently in active development thanks to it’s awesome contributors. The logo for Scribbletune has been graciously contributed by Zuur Willem.

Scribbletune was demo’d at JavaScript meetups before the lockdown. Here are some videos for posterity

SF Node 2019 Aug 1

GitHub HQ, San Francisco

SF EMM 2019 July 10

SAE Expression College, San Francisco No video :(

JS.LA 2018 Apr 26

Smarkets HQ, Los Angeles

SF Node 2017 Jan 5

Github HQ, San Francisco

ForwardJS 2017 July 27

ForwardJS, San Francisco

JS.CHI 2018 Sep 26

Trading Technologies HQ, Chicago

JS@PayPal 2016 Sep 23

PayPal HQ, San Jose