Scribbletune examples

Web app showcasing the session interface inspired by Ableton Live

Using Scribbletune’s session and channel API, you can put together applications that are targeted toward music creation and performance in the browser. is just such an app. And here is the repo for this React + Apollo project in case you’d like to take a look under the hood on how this application manages state and renders the UI that is instrumental for driving the audio using Tone.js.

Use Scribbletune with frameworks such as React to create UI applications specifically for music

Johann is a simple web application that helps you generate charts for guitars, piano and computer keyboards to practice scales and chords. Here is the Github repo for this app.

Random chords

Using lodash, Scribbletune can be used to quickly generate random chord progressions

Generate a riff

Use the arp and progression method with a custom clip. The riff in the following clip use this technique:

Generate chord progressions that always sound good

Using basic music theory, Scribbletune can be used to generate arpeggiated chord progressions that always sound good!

Classic breakbeats

Generate classic breakbeats with slight variations each time

Drum loop with a bassline

Create a starting point for an instant drum loop with a bassline

Create a simple beat right in the browser

Use the clip method with wav samples to create a looping beat (desktop browser only)

Generate a simple melody

Use music constraints to create a very simple melody